The Health Care CFO Competitive Intelligence Master Class

A few shocking secrets can help hospital administrators to glean the private details of their competitors' strategic management process.  Today’s administrators simultaneously have the benefit of more strategic data than ever before, but hold an increasing burden to possess high levels of technical knowledge that prior generations would have relegated to entire IT divisions or else considered superfluous to the business process.

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The State of the Industry

Health care administrators are under pressure from multiple sources to obtain and process sensitive competitor data as a component of strategic management, while also protecting their firm’s data to a level of secrecy previously enjoyed only by governmental entities.  Increasing this pressure are regulations such as HIPAA, which require that organizational and patient data be treated with the utmost sensitivity, as it should be.  Disruptive and transformative technologies like new and emerging networked wireless medical devices, social networking, and the ubiquity of high powered computing devices which we call smartphones constantly challenge the organization to remain compliant and secure in its data.

This Course

The Healthcare CFO Competitive Intelligence Master Class is a series of lectures published for free and for the benefit of the industry by Healthcare Management MBA Christopher Lotito, a health care administrator who has had the unique advantage to come from a health care Information Technology background.  The course, in 6 sessions, will describe a variety of techniques for achieving information supremacy in your region of the health care sector by both applying advanced competitive intelligence techniques against your rivals while at the same time hardening your IT systems and organizational habits against the intelligence gathering efforts of outsiders.

This course runs initially as a series of posts at with 1 session every week, beginning February 25th 2015.  There is no charge for this information and students are encouraged to engage with the course facilitator and each other via the comments section of each post.

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First off, some definitions: Corporate Espionage (CE) is illegal spying carried out for economic gain and we will not be doing any of that.  Competitive Intelligence (CI) is a strategy using legal means to gain information about competitors that could provide a competitive advantage in the market.  This article introduces basic Competitive Intelligence techniques.

Learning Objectives:

  • Allow hospital administrators to perform basic competitive intelligence tasks without involving an IT employee.
  • Give management access to sensitive competitive data that is not appropriate for non-management employees.
  • Understand the advanced techniques that an IT employee utilizes to perform competitive intelligence against an industry rival.

Reasons for Competitive Intelligence:

  • Understand and prevent the use of CI against your own organization.
  • Level the playing field in an industry where your rivals are most certainly engaging in CI.
  • Provide tools for fields related to CI, such as Fundraising and Development.


  1. How to Find Private Documents on a Public Server or Website
  2. How to Browse Your Competitor’s Hard Drive
  3. How to Borrow Your Opponent’s Address Book
  4. How to Map an Organization Using Metadata
  5. Additional Sessions TBD
Supplementary Materials:


  • The course is self-paced, so it will never conflict with your busy work schedule.
  • This course is currently in Beta Testing.  By signing up for VIP Updates, you will receive notification if and when a certificate of completion becomes available.
  • Master Classes are taught by an expert in a field to advanced level students.  By completing this course, you increase your knowledge of IT security and Competitive Intelligence.

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The entirety of Christopher Lotito's Health Care CFO Competitive Intelligence Master Class can be found online here: -- The self-paced course runs through late March 2015 and the content will remain online after.

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