How to Block Every App on Facebook at Once

Facebook logo
Facebook logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This article will tell you how to block every app on Facebook at once by disabling Facebook's apps platform.  By doing this, you will no longer have to worry about any website stealing your Friends List, emails, birthdays, photos, or anything else.  No more Bubble Witch, Farmville, or Candy Crush invites, no matter how many new versions of the games are released.  No more TimeHop or so many other diversions taking up valuable space on your Newsfeed.

On the downside, you will no longer be able to use your Facebook login to log into other websites (this is better for security anyway).  You also will no longer be able to post photos automatically from your camera.

Select the "Settings" item
from the drop-down menu.
You will still be able to post Facebook ads for your business.  You also, as of this writing, will not lose any old photos or posts from apps that were made previously (though Facebook claims that you will in their warning message).

Step 1: Visit the Facebook Apps Platform Settings Page

Right now, that page is located here:

That page can currently also be reached by clicking the drop down arrow on Facebook's blue bar, selecting "Settings" and on the "Settings Page" selecting "Apps" from the left-side column.

Note:  If you're concerned that you may lose data from your Facebook account as a result of disabling the app platform (not an impossibility), you should download your Facebook Archive first!

Step 2: Disable Facebook Apps to Minimize Damage / Impact

On the Apps Settings Page, you will find a complete list of every Facebook App you've ever added to your account.  Logged into Bloomberg or anywhere else using your Facebook Account?  That was actually an app that you gave access to your Facebook details.

Select "Apps" from the Settings
You may need to click the link towards the bottom of the screen to view all the apps you've given access to your account.

At this point, you can start deleting apps from your account by clicking the small "X" next to each app.  When you do so, you may be given the opportunity to delete all of the data that app has posted to your account.  If the app is Instagram and you posted many photos to your account, obviously you probably do not want to delete the data the app has posted (so don't select the checkbox).  If you were adding your Tweets to your Facebook account and the updates got to be overwhelming, you might feel differently now and this is your opportunity to delete all the prior updates posted by that app in one fell swoop.

Note: Don't miss a vital step here!  Make sure that you have access to any accounts that you use Facebook to log into.  For example, Stupeflix allows you to create free slideshow style videos using your Facebook login.  If you wish to keep access to your videos, you'll need to log into Stupeflix at their homepage and add an email address and password prior to deleting the Facebook app from your Facebook account.

Step 3: Disable the Apps Platform

Disable the Apps Platform on the Apps Settings Page.
If you've deleted all of the apps you've previously given access to your account, deleting or keep their prior posts as you see fit, and have downloaded a copy of your Facebook archive, you're ready to disable the Facebook app platform!

To do this, click the link that says "Edit" beneath "Apps, Websites and Plugins."  Here you will switch "Enabled" to "Disabled."  You'll see some warnings of course, but if you've backed up and deleted all your apps already, you have nothing to lose and your privacy to regain!