The Secret Manual: A List of Unadvertised Features for Nearly Any Product


Manual Keyhole on Remote Control Car - Do you have a car whose doors open solely by remote control? On most models there is a secret, manual keyhole located to the rear end of the front door handle. You have to pop off a small piece of plastic, which should come off easily, to use it.

Jeep Grand Cherokee (2012)

Hidden USB Port - Hidden in the rear of the center console compartment.


Hidden Cigarette Lighter Port - Many Rav4s have an additional cigarette lighter port inside the car near the rear gate, which makes it easier to run a cooler or DVD player at your next tailgate event.

Hidden Audio-Port - Rav4s have an audio-input port hidden inside of the center console on the rear front wall.

Hidden Compartment - Not really a secret, but Rav4s have a large compartment beneath the rear floormat just inside the rear gate.

Hidden Compartment - On Rav4s, a sunglasses compartment, which can also be used to store your garage remote, pops out of the front, center of the ceiling when a panel is pushed.

Computers (Hardware)

ThinkPad Laptops (IBM or Lenovo)

Hidden LED Keyboard Light - A recessed LED keyboard light located at the top of the screen and operated via an FN switch on the keyboard is standard hardware for ThinkPads. This is a feature often overlooked by the consumer.

Military Specs - Many consumers do not realize that the majority of ThinkPad laptops are over-engineered to meet the United States military standards for "ruggedized."


Keurig 2.0 Secret Menu - The Keurig 2.0 machine has a secret menu with additional settings which you can access by placing a magnet in a special location on the machine.

Warming Drawer - The drawer underneath your oven is not designed for storage of pots and pans. It is a warming drawer to keep cooked food warm before serving.


Measuring in Dollars - The US Dollar is just over 6 inches long. This is handy if you need to measure a short distance and do not have a ruler available.


How to Add Time to a Public Pay Washer or Dryer - To add time in 5 minute increments, simply insert additional quarters into the machine. Usually, this will incfrease the load time by 5 minutes. Using this trick, you can swap out clothing that's dry (gym clothes and sportswear) and save over having to buy an entire additional dry cycle. Call it about $60 a year in savings.


Raise the Armrest on a Plane - Most planes have a hidden button or lever on the underside of each armrest, near the hinge, which allows the armrest to be raised. This is useful if you are traveling with family or friends.

New York City

Central Park Lamp-Posts - Lamp posts in Central Park have a series of numbers of them. If you get turned around, you can look at the base of any lamp post and see which street your near and which block.