Christopher Lotito is a fine art photographer based in New Jersey and contributor to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum Artists Registry. Since 2001, Lotito has worked extensively in Pequannock and Lincoln Park in New Jersey and in Pennsylvania in New Hope, the Poconos, and the Delaware Water Gap. He has also completed photographic projects in Iceland, prior to the economic collapse, and in Costa Rica's Monteverde cloud rainforests. His photography book, "Pura Vida: Taming Wild Costa Rica," is the most complete photographic record of that region in the English language.

His visual design work has been featured in the University of Rochester’s “Futurity,” “Upworthy,” “The Record,” and “Suburban Trends.” In 2014, Lotito published a photography book detailing the flora and fauna of Costa Rica. He has exhibited in student shows at Drew University, group exhibitions in Riverdale, New Jersey, and individually in Pequannock.
From the Artist, “With a strong emphasis on nature  and architecture, my art focuses heavily on documenting the ethereal interplay of light, shadow, and transient weather patterns through black and white photography. The process of crafting a black and white photo is revelatory, drawing the eye to unnoticed lines, curves, and shadows as the distraction of color is stripped away. Through this process, the banal is revealed as unique and even those who work and live near the art's subject can become explorers as they notice new details for the first time.”


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