Fairfield NJ Public Library Hosts ‘Where Light Falls’ Photo Exhibit

Icicle Laden Branch Over the Waterfall - Lotito (2018)

Fairfield, NJ - For the month of April, visitors to the Fairfield Free Public Library can enjoy impressive black and white photography from throughout the region. The library will host a new exhibition from fine art photographer Christopher Lotito, featuring picturesque scenes of nature and history which may be familiar to some. Born and raised in New Jersey, Lotito’s photos often draw upon his background in historic preservation, as President of the Lincoln Park Historical Society, and upon his many years spent hiking the states forests and exploring backroads.

The exhibit, “Where Light Falls: The Transcendent Beauty of Everyday Places,” includes images of Clinton’s Red Mill, the historic Pompton Plains Railroad Station, and several elements of the old Morris Canal, among others. Speaking of his photography, Lotito says, “My art focuses heavily on documenting the ethereal interplay of light, shadow, and transient weather patterns through black and white photography,” adding, “The process of crafting a black and white photo is revelatory, drawing the eye to unnoticed lines, curves, and shadows as the distraction of color is stripped away.”
Fine Art Photography, Christopher Lotito

“Where Light Falls” will be viewable at the library on Hollywood Ave throughout the month of April, along with the more than 75 events that the library will host during the month. To purchase art from the exhibit, contact the artist via http://christopher-lotito.pixels.com/ - For more information about events at the Fairfield Library, call (973) 227-3575 or visit the Fairfield Public Library Facebook page.

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